Nexus Electronics

Current and Past Projects

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Industrial Ink Jet Drive Electronics

We developed the FPGA code for a sophisticated, high-performance ink jet print drive electronics unit. This was coded in VHDL and incorporates a 64-bit SDRAM controller, 16-channel 400MByte/s DMA & timing unit and eight 100Mbit/s serial bi-directional serial links.

High speed wired Comms

Multi-gigabit video communications link for remote viewing and control of high resolution video.

Internet Radio

Stand-alone internet radio receiver module, connecting via Wi-Fi and using embedded Linux running on an ARM-based single-chip microcontroller.

Networked industrial Controller

Control for precision production line manufacturing equipment accessible via the Internet for remote monitoring, control and updating.

Media Server

PCI StrongARM based system for a low cost, distributed video on demand solution streaming to set-top boxes over a low cost network.

Set-Top Box

StrongARM based set-top box, capable of handling both MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 and multiple audio channels.

Psion Series 5 Palm Top Computer

We were contracted by ARM to develop the embedded processor for the Psion Series 5 palm top computer.

Information Network System

Multi-user information retrieval and display system, supporting eight user screens for a share dealing information system used by Reuters in Hong Kong.

Serial Concentrator

Communications processor which operates as the front-end to a host system.

Ethernet Bridge

Ethernet connection for a network of Active Badge sensors.

Robot Control Computer

Specialist robotic control system developed for 'creature animation', used in the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - awarded a Science and Technology Oscar.

Ink Jet Printing Development System

Specialised system which combines a SCSI host connection and sustained data rates of 128MBytes/s to the ink jet head drive circuitry.

Industrial Control Computer

An ARM based computer system on a single extended Eurocard format. The system included a SVGA screen adapter, keyboard and IDE interface together with a special purpose instrumentation ASIC.This ASIC was developed to support the processor in the generation and monitoring of 20 I/O signals with 1 microsecond accuracy in real-time.